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genuineferalswagger said: But it’s not fair, Felkes. You’re saying that the things you feel are okay and the things you don’t feel aren’t. For all you know, therianthropy could be a curse, just like in the story of King Nebuchadnezzar.

This isn’t quite true. I’m a zoophiliac. I am sexually attracted to some animals, but I know acting on these is wrong, so I don’t. Over time I found myself a human I could love, got married, and now I’m happy (though animals are still sexier than humans as a whole to me).

And the story of Nezzer is often misinterpreted. He was being punished by being driven from people and forced to “eat grass like cattle” (NIV). It’s never said that he’s turned into a cow, the cow and goat are only used as an analogy for how he had to live. It’s never said that he lost his human self, more implies that he lived like a wildman, estranged from civilization, as punishment for his arrogance and cock-suredness in his own power and wisdom.

Therianthropy definitely feels like a curse at times because of the nature of feeling one way and physically being another, but I see it more often bringing people closer to nature, and driving them to respect and preserve what God has made, rather than contradict the way he made things.

Hmm, interesting to know that about the story of King Nebuchadnezzar. Though I still feel like some of what he went through oddly mirrors some of the things modern therianthropes experience (being forced out into the wilderness to do beastly things, being estranged from humankind).

I still feel like you’re being very selective in your reasoning. I don’t understand why therianthropes would be the way they are because that’s the way God intended it, and yet homosexuals are the way they are because… well, the only reason I can think of, if God doesn’t intend for them to find lasting happiness in a relationship with someone they’re actually attracted to in mind, body and spirit, is that he just wants them to suffer their whole life through.

And what a tragic life for someone whose sexuality deviates from the accepted norm… wouldn’t it be better to extend the courtesy and compassion you give yourself by way of God to others who are also different?

Yeah, I guess you could kind of see therians like that. A different kind of estrangement though.

I must not have been very clear in how I explained the two. Let me try to clarify. (To people reading this, please understand that this is my understanding of how sexualities work based on my religion and studies into it, and I don’t want people jumping down my throat for my beliefs.) In the beginning people were able to communicate with animals (as indicated by Eve considering taking an apple offered by a snake rather than going “WTF a talking snake!”) and had a stronger connection with them so that they could better take care of them. After the fall, everything that was good and perfect that God made about humans started degenerating. Average lifespan shortened, disease emerged, physical flaws in the senses (like eyesight and hearing) came about, and humans’ ties to the Earth (their charge) faded. Eventually people couldn’t understand animals anymore, an example of this being when Balem’s donkey talked to him and told him off, Balem was surprised to hear his donkey talk. We still can’t understand animals, but I think therianthropy’s a very faded remnant of times past when humans had an understanding and closeness with animals.

I don’t think homosexuals are born the way they are because God’s cruel or anything like that, but it’s just a sad effect of humanity’s fallen nature. like being born blind, deaf, lame, mentally challenged, or many other physical, mental, and emotional imperfections mankind has. I’ve thought about “how could a homosexual ever choose to be Christian” and the answer genuinely is, I don’t know. It’d be a lot easier for them to follow plenty of other religions where their sexuality isn’t seen as a bad thing, but for those that do, for the few homosexuals I know who are Christian, and live their life never acting on their sexuality because of their faith, I really really admire those people. I’m sad for them, like I’m sad for so many other people across the globe that are born with just an awful lot in life, but I think that devout, God following, homosexual Christians are some of the most amazing, and best representations of Christianity out there. It takes real commitment to your beliefs to sacrifice something that would make you so happy to follow it.

I don’t try to force people to be Christian. If an agnostic, pagan, helenistic, or whatever homosexual wants to be with another of their same gender, it’s not my place to tell them what to do. But for a Christian homosexual activity is a no-no.

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